Steffi has special a place in my heart ,  I adore her so much , as she is a super talented person ,  there is nothing that she cant do when she sets her heart to it. She is by profession a dentist, but that doesn’t just define her, as she is also an avid singer, dancer, yogini and fitness extraordinaire . I first met Steffi in 2015 for a pre-wedding shoot in the beautiful island of Bali, and we was clicked on first sight. She has the kindest and most generous soul and never fails to let you know you’re appreciated for anything you do. Our friendship blossomed and she entrusted me with her wedding preparation, and even brought me to the Netherlands for her special wedding day , and six years down the road in 2022, she gave me the honor of helping her create her precious mother and son photoshoot in Jakarta.

Thank you Steffi , I treasure this friendship, and you will always be my sister in CHRIST.